Masks For Extraordinary People are a collective of volunteers in South East London, and beyond, making funky washable two-layer filter-pocketed face masks for dedicated people whose jobs or lives have become extraordinarily challenging.


From one sewing machine on 8th April 2020, MFEP are now 90 volunteers, sewing, cutting, cycling and driving who have made, donated and delivered nearly 5000 face masks to bus drivers, postmen and shop workers who have had to face the public without being provided any training or protection, as well as people in food banks, hospices, schools, refuges, community centres and to those at risk or fearful of the world outside their doors. 


Each mask is uniquely made from recycled materials such as bed sheets, duvet covers, t-shirts and all sorts of beautiful printed fabrics, generously donated or sourced locally. They're washable, reusable, environmentally friendly, protective and, dare it be said, desirable fashion accessories.


Founded during the first weeks of lockdown by Corinne McManus, who ordinarily runs her fashion print company, Atom Designs, selling unique artwork for fashion and sports companies worldwide, along with her life-partner Ben Roberts, a photographer, they started with enough unique printed fabric swatches in a huge range of different styles to make the first 1500 masks before needing to find different fabrics. 


Where ever possible the masks are made from 100% recycled material, using bright printed fabrics which as well as being a necessary safety precaution add a bit of style, are less intimidating, fun even, and can help normalise the need to wear a protective face covering in public, as well as lifting the spirits of those they meet.  


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